About us

­­­­­­­We have the pleasure to present you information about the possibilities of SEIK ELEKTROREMONT LTD, Pernik, in regard to making of fast and quality repairs of the electrical and mechanical parts of asynchronous and DC electro motors , generators and pumps. The office of the company is based in Pernik and the Repair base where the repairs are done in Radomir. The base is fully equipped, with experienced and qualified specialists with proven qualities, which guarantees fast and reliable repair. SEIK ELEKTROREMONT LTD works only with certified materials from proven providers in the country and abroad, which allows us to take long-term contracts with our clients and to reach quality and reliability with long-term guarantee.


Dealing with all types of electro motors:

  1. Asynchronous electro motors.
  2. Synchronous electro motors.
  3. Elevator electro motors.
  4. DC electro motors.
  5. Extraordinary and low-voltage electro motors.
  6. High-voltage electro motors.
  7. Lifts electro motors.
  8. Electromagnetical coils, lift brakes, elevator brakes, contact coils.

SEIK ELEKTROREMONT LTD have own transport system for the electro motors to each point of the country. Our clients are our partners with whom we create long-term relationships, hold with trust and professionalism.

Our long-term partners: GBS Infrastructure Building AD – Sofia, Dundy Precious Metals – Chelopech, Stolichen Elektrotransport EAD – Sofia, ESO MER Sofia EAD, Mini Otkrit Vugledobiv EAD – Pernik, Vugledobiv Bobov dol, Galko AD – Radomir, Sofarma AD – Sofia, Kolhida Metal AD, Eso Mer Pleven, Hus LTD – Plovdiv, Velbujd AD – Kustendil and others.